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ChordCommander for Guitar

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What ChordCommander Does


Want to play that progression using different strings, another place on the neck, or in a different tuning? Or, play it on a 7-string guitar?

ChordCommander lets you customize the number of strings on your instrument, as well as the tuning of each string.

Left-handed players, rejoice! ChordCommander has handy instrument pre-sets to reverse standard tuning. No more translating right-handed chord charts!


Simply enter the chords you want to play, show where you want to start playing on the guitar, and ChordCommander will generate easy-to-read diagrams for what strings and frets to play.

What's more is, ChordCommander will automatically generate voicings that make musical sense! No more digging through chord charts or jumping around the fretboard.


ChordCommander can understand vitually any jazz chord. From ninths, thirteenths, diminished, altered, etc. No knowledge of music theory necessary, it does all of the hard work for you using cutting-edge algorithms.

Ideal for beginners and experienced players alike, it can make a tough jazz standard playable by anyone, or it can give seasoned veterans new ideas.


Play bass? Ukulele? We got you covered.

There are pre-sets for four, five, and six-string bass, as well as ukulele!

How It Works

1. Enter the names of the chords

2. Tell ChordCommander where to start on the guitar

3. Press "Find Chords"

4. Play the progression according to the diagrams

See It In Action!

Chord Diagrams Explained

Strings are represented by vertical lines

The starting fret is shown at the top left

Horizontal lines represent frets

Black dots show where to place your fingers, "X" indicates that string should not be played, and "0" means the string should be played open

The numbers below show the interval for each note

Product Manual and Chord Cheat Sheet