Dog Ear Software is very pleased to announce ChordCommander, an innovative new application to help guitarists learn any chord progression instantly! Buy today, and Install it on up to three (3) Mac OS X or Windows computers, plus get all 1.x upgrades free!

Available now for a limited time at 50% off!

Regular price: $39.99

Sale price: $19.99

See ChordCommander in action!

Simply enter the chords you want to play, show where you want to start playing on the guitar, and ChordCommander will generate easy-to-read diagrams of what strings and frets to play.

What's more is: ChordCommander will generate a progression that makes musical sense! No more digging through chord charts or jumping around the fretboard.

Why ChordCommander?

  • Intelligent

    ChordCommander can understand vitually any modern chord: ninths, thirteenths, half diminished, altered, etc.

  • Helps Beginners

    Learn any progression instantly! We do all of the hard work for you using cutting-edge algorithms. No knowledge of music theory necessary.

  • Versatile

    Ideal for beginners and experienced players alike, it can give even seasoned veterans new ideas. Want to play that progression in an open tuning? Or on a 7-string guitar? Bass? No problem!

  • Multi-Instrument

    We've got presets for left-handed players, bass guitar (4, 5, or 6 strings), and ukulele, but you can range between 4 and 8 strings and tune them any way you want.