ChordCommander 1.0 IS HERE! (2015-05-10)

ChordCommander IS HERE AT LAST! We're super excited to finally show the world what we've been working on!

ChordCommander is unique new guitar software application that can help players of any skill level play any chord progression!

Simply type in the chord names, tell the application where to start on the guitar (or other stringed, fretted instrument), press "Find Chords", and ChordCommander will generate professional, easy to read chord diagrams that show you where to put your fingers. Most of all, ChordCommander finds chord voicings that make musical sense, minimizing motion between chords - a skill that ordinarily can take years of study and practice in guitar and music theory. ChordCommander can help you comp like the pros today!

See ChordCommander in action in this short demonstration video:

ChordCommander supports both right and left-handed versions of: 6-string guitar, 7-string guitar, 8-string guitar, 4-string bass, 5-string bass, 6-string bass, and ukulele.

You can tune your instrument any way you want, too. ChordCommander makes playing chords in open tunings simple and easy.

Also, a huge shout out to all our fantastic BETA TESTERS who worked hard and provided excellent feedback. We listened to you, and used what you said to make ChordCommander better. Also, you will soon receive your FREE COPY of ChordCommander 1.0 which will also entitle you to all ChordCommander 1.x upgrades.

ChordCommander Beta! (2014-11-30)

The ChordCommander Beta is finally HERE! We're looking for people to help us test our software. Click the Beta link and follow the instructions to apply, and apply today because the number of tester spots will be limited!

Testers who provide good feedback will receive a FREE COPY of ChordCommander 1.0 which will also entitle you to all ChordCommander 1.x upgrades as we improve the product.

Website Launch (2014-10-08)

Welcome to the launch of the official Dog Ear Software website! We're very excited and our designers did an awesome job.

Dog Ear Software LLC has registered as an official Mac App Store developer, and we're looking forward to launching our application. Hopefully this will also give us a sneak preview into developing for iOS next year. We've got a lot to do, so it's time to get busy!

Development of ChordCommander for Guitar is progressing well. It's currently building and running on Windows and Mac OS X, and we still have some testing to do, but we're getting very close to the finish line!

We also have plans for a semi-public beta in the works, too. Select users will be personally invited to test ChordCommander for Guitar and help us improve it before we officially launch v1.0. Details TBD, but beta users will be given a current build of ChordCommander free of charge and will be encouraged to provide feedback until the end of the beta program. Beta users who provide good feedback will be rewarded with a free copy of the official version of ChordCommander!